Leed Building Technology & Trading is a renowned engineering technology solution and service rendering company founded in the year 2007 G.C recognized as a pioneering company of acoustic solutions and sound proofing. Since its establishment, the company has undertaken numerous iconic projects in the construction industry as supplier of building materials & Power Generator sets, has executed special constructions in sport facilities and in sound proofing of various facilities developing its technical capacity and experience in supply & installation of state of the art technologies.

Leed’s products and services are environmental friendly, recyclable, easy to maintain, user friendly, and economically cost effective connecting top class building material and equipment manufacturers to current needs of the Ethiopian construction market.

Our office is built as a show room for our clients to see, feel and experience our products and make an informed decision. The company’s staff is a team of experienced civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electricians, fitting technicians and installers, ideal to facilitate an engineering solution incorporating design, recommendation and installation of building finishing products.

Leed specializes in sound proofing, office partition system, power supply, sports flooring & facility construction and construction of media center.  Having been in business for Fourteen years Leed Building Technology & Trading has over 50 personnel and has successfully executed over 80 projects throughout Ethiopia.

The company’s demonstration of its reliability, sustainability, and consistency has enabled it to gain the confidence of its clients.


Our mission is delivering high quality, simple and technologically advanced service in the construction industry pertaining to sustainable supply of building materials and equipment in line with Acoustic, Soundproofing, Energy, Sports Facilities, Space Solution, and Flooring.


Equipped with experienced professionals, our vision is becoming center of excellence in quality services & reliable source of engineering solution in the eastern and central regions of African as source of construction materials, advocating for high quality products and equipment for Africans with reasonable cost to improve the life style of the people.


  • To establish a trusted & reliable construction material & service provider firm.
  • To acquire valuable skill & experience development.
  • To ensure continuous growth and profitability of the company.