“Creative and diversely – unconventional “

The high quality wood wool acoustic solutions open up an almost infinite variety of designs and make an essential contribution to creating ecological, liveable rooms.

For the production of wool acoustic tiles, only natural raw materials are used, whose functional and biological properties positively influence the room ambience and climate. Fire rate of 30minutes.


Tectopanel shall be installed by screw fixing integrated in gypsum wall/ceiling and drywall structures on standard 25 mm furring channels fixed on main profiles.

The Tectopanels are with edge B, and shall be painted on site with standard emulsion paint using short piled paint rollers.  The Tectopanels are furnished with a grey (white) absorbent felt backing with an airflow resistance of 330-460 Ns/m³ (DIN 53887).

Color: Unpainted, to be painted after installation to desired Color.

Manufactured from high grade non-combustible glass fibre reinforced gypsum board produced according to EN 520. Tested to meet the safety requirements of EN 14190. Tested in accordance with EN 13501-1 to achieve minimum fire classification B-s1, d0. Resistant to 90% RH and short term exposure for higher   humidity. 9.2kg/m2 average weight.  Non hazardous and fully recyclable.